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Our Story

Established in 2016 Teazentea is a high end boba shop based in Brentwood California. 

My wife and I have been avid boba fanatics for years and after traveling the world, we’ve been able to see our fair share of boba shops. Yet a common theme persisted throughout these establishments; that being a lack of quality and atmosphere within them. We knew we could do better, so with the idea of creating a place where people could be at peace and enjoy their boba, we decided to open our own shop. We went beyond making high-quality drinks and established a store that’s welcoming and open to all. After years of serving boba for our community, we are proud to say that Teazentea is a highly acclaimed boba shop attracting customers from all over the Bay Area. We truly believe that we have accomplished our goal of bringing peace in boba.

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About Our Drinks


Here at TeaZenTea, we pride ourselves on the quality of our drinks. Each handmade tea, milk, and smoothie uses the freshest ingredients; making sure you are at peace with your boba.


our team

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